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Breaking new ground with botulinum toxin

At AEON Biopharma, we focus exclusively on expanding the therapeutic use of botulinum toxins in patients with debilitating neuromuscular disorders. Our formulation and bold treatment paradigms have the potential to provide lasting relief to millions of people and offer highly valuable opportunities to our stakeholders.
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Our team

Our team is on a mission to realize the untapped possibilities of therapeutic neurotoxins with our proprietary botulinum toxin complex. Our deep expertise in commercial neurotoxins guides us in establishing a new standard of neurotoxin-based care with innovative strategies that offer new hope for patients living with a number of painful and often intractable conditions.


Marc Forth
President & CEO
Alex Wilson
EVP, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
Chad Oh
Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

Jost Fischer
Chairman and Board Member
Eric Carter, MD, PhD
Board Member
Marc Forth
President & CEO
Robert Palmisano
Board Member
Shawn Park
Board Member
Shelley Thenen
Board Member
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Careers at AEON

Our Values

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We recognize the great promise and value that comes from fresh and creative thinking. We aim to transform the therapeutic use of botulinum toxins with the introduction of ABP-450.

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At AEON, we believe that great achievements are realized when passionate people work together towards a compelling vision.
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We understand how difficult it is to suffer from the pain and decreased functionality arising from medical disorder. At AEON, patients are at the heart of everything we do.

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We understand that to innovate we must look forward constantly, adapt effectively, and implement quickly.

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We believe in building an inspiring vision, setting the direction, and blazing new trails.

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Join our team

We are always looking to work with people who share our excitement and love for innovation. If you are interested in fulfilling the promise of therapeutic neurotoxins and changing people’s lives for the better, our team might be a great fit for you. We encourage you to get in touch.

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